Collaboration Meeting DESY, March 30th- April 1st, 2005

The next TESLA Collaboration Meeting will be held at DESY from 30/3 - 1/4/2005.

This will be the first full Collaboration Meeting since the re-orientation of the Collaboration was agreed upon at the Orsay meeting (September 2004). Consequently the meeting will focus specifically on the SCRF linac technology.

The meeting will follow the traditional 2-1/2 day format, with an opening plenary session followed by parallel (or semi-parallel) working groups. The last 1/2 day is dedicated to summaries.

For this meeting there will be three working groups all related to aspects of the SCRF technology:

  • WG-1: R&D for high-quality large-scale cavity production
  • WG-2: Next-generation cavity infrastructures
  • WG-3: Auxillaries & module integration

A recurrent theme runing though the working groups will be industrialisation, and a special plenary at the end of the second day (31/3) is foreseen as a round-table discussion on the subject.

To reflect the increasing global interest in the TESLA SCRF linac technology, three short presentations are foreseen in the opening plenary to summarise TESLA technology related R&D activities and plans in the US, Europe and Japan.

Goals for the meeting (working groups)

To help focus the meeting, the working group themes have been agreed upon with the following goals in mind:

WG-1: R&D for high-quality large-scale cavity production

Conveners: Peter Kneisel (JLAB), Lutz Lilje (DESY)

  • Current status of multi-cells

  • Definition of fabrication process & critical points

    • Material properties

    • Machining, forming and welding

    • Tuning

    • Surface processing (EP, HPR, etc.)

    • Clean handling and assembly

    • Heat treatments and Baking

    • ...

  • Fabrication process quality control

WG-2: Next-generation cavity infrastructures

Conveners: Dietrich Bloess (CERN), John Mammosser (JLAB), Detlef Reschke (DESY)

  • Assessment of existing infrastructure
  • Identification of limitations of existing infrastructure
  • Requirements for new generation or improved infrastructures
  • Short to medium term goals for labs / industry
  • Industrialization / technology transfer

WG-3: Auxillaries & module integration

Conveners: Helen Edwards (FNAL), Terry Garvey (LAL), Bernd Petersen (DESY)

  • Assessment of existing designs/prototypes
  • Identification of critical reliability issues
  • Existing and planned test infrastructures
  • Cryomodule integration issues (and impact on design)


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